config for BBBW on buildroot

Hi all,

I have worked on RPi for quite some time , but because of lack of onboard storage on it, I decides to switch to BBBW.
My problem is that, I do not want to use a 4GB image for my system which is basically an IoT device.
Thats why I usually use buildroot to generate minimal rootfs. I see a config for BBB on buildroot, I used that for BBBW and it atleast boots.
But my major problem is that I cant seem to enable the Wireless module on BBBW even though the TI’s 18xx driver for wireless is enabled in the config.

I also see that an actual config for BBBW is not present in buildroot.
Can somebody pls point me to either a buildroot config for BBBW or some other build system that can supports BBBW and can generate minimal rootfs ?


Did you add the firmware:

Which kernel version are you building for?