config-pin? what is the latest way to do this on BBAI64?

I’ve been getting up to speed with BBAI64 and have come across numerous tutorials for PRU that reference things like: config-pin $pin pruout as the way to set a pin as a “pruout”…however I can’t seem to find the config-pin utility (google searches tell me it was just a shell script that is probably now deprecated).

So what is the current way for designating pins as pruout / pruin etc?

I assume I could recompile something related to overlays but that seems like a clumsy way to achieve those ends when evidently previous boards had a utility that could do it on the fly?

On the BBAI64, today you need to set the pin’s in an overlay…


Thank you @RobertCNelson

is this something that can change in future or is it some fundamental limitation?