Configuring GPIO pins as active high


I want to configure some of my gpio pins (P8_07 to P8_10) of my beagle bone black revC board as inputs with active high state.

OS running in my board is Debian 9.3, with Kernel 4.1.

4.1.x? we dropped that over a year ago..

So the current doc's are not going to be relavent..

Start with the latest image:

and use config-pin on those pins..


Thanks @Robert

I could solve the issue by setting active_low value in /sys/class/gpio/gpio66

But I think that’s not the recommended method.

Comments please!!

write a device overlay to do all of this then load it in /boot/uEnv.txt

Hi Wulf Man,

I’ve added the related dtbo files in /lib/firmware/ and the links I’ve kept in the /boot/uEnv.txt as follows:

###Overide capes with eeprom

But, it didn’t help!! :frowning:

The "#" sign must be removed or it will not load
not sure if you did that :slight_smile:

Probably worth subsituting <file0> with the name of the actual file too. :slight_smile:


Yea… I had removed that ‘#’ sign…

It was not working yet.