Configuring usb0 to a static address

Does anyone know how to configure the usb0 CDC ethernet interface via
system events?

I have put a definition in /etc/network/interfaces but ifup seems to
fire too early resulting in

ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): usb0: link is not ready

It only works after this has occurred in the logs:

ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): usb0: link becomes ready

I cannot find any udev hooks on which to hang the network
configuration process in such a away that it will work.

They are using udev


The trick turned out to be using g_ether instead of g_cdc for the OTG
driver. g_cdc announces the ethernet interface as up before it is
ready to configure.

FWIW, it's been g_ether since last month:

Thanks. I have been using the pre-built Angstrom 2010.3 filesystem
tar.bz2. I'm not yet to the point of building my own kernel.

Has the issue been fixed in the g_cdc module?