Confiuration options and issues

I would like to use the Beagleboard Black to experiment with. I only have the existing support

equipment to use:

  1. A nettop box using Ubuntu 12.04 with USB only (from System76).

  2. A video monitor with VGA only interface (The PC only has VGA)

  3. a USB mouse and USB keyboard.

  4. No external SD type connectors.

I want to program the board using Python and I am not sure if there are Python modules

that support the Beagleboard hardware but I am not clear on that.

I have programmed uC using C and assembly in the past ( > 3 years ago). Those endeavors were based

on the Atmel AVR 8 bit products and I used a commercial (low cost) C IDE tool. That tool set was run in a Windows XP-PRO environment. Once I starting using Linux I have not been able to use the Linux tools to continue in the Atmel AVR experimental usage. My lack of successful installing the various tools that coordinate working in this environment and I dropped that effort.

I am thinking that using the Beagleboard would allow me to program in Python. I am not sure if using

Python would be easier to write scripts on the PC (Ubuntu 12.04) or somehow write Python scripts

directly on the Beagleboard (?). As I mentioned, not sure what if any modules are available

I think my biggest concern is how to use the BeagleBoard without having a HDMI monitor or a TV.

If there is a low cost method around those types of concerns , please let me know.

I did just order the book: “Getting Started with the Beaglebone Black” and it estimated to arrive by

Mar. 5, 2015. I think this is the book recommended on the Maker web site.

I hope I can get around these issues , I would like to order a Beagleboard Black soon.