Confusing about BBB hardware

Hi, i’m currently studying BBB board hardware. I see that TPD4S009DGSR pin 8 is connected to GND. I’ve checked on Texas instrument datasheet of TPD4S009DGSR , and it specifies that pin 8 is a VCC power pin and thus I assume that it should be connected to VCC.
But why is TPD4S009DGSR pin 8 on BBB’s schematic connected to GND? Does it work without a connection to VCC?
Thank you

Hello and welcome!

There is some discussion on the subject going on in section 9 of the datasheet,
and you can use pin 8 to bias the center diode, but it seems to be applicable to
startup only; the performance of the TVS diodes remain unaffected regardless.

My read is that it shouldn’t matter a whole lot either way.