Connect Analog Devices ADV7611 to BeagleBone Black(Rev C)

Can somebody answer, is it possible to realise the HD video capture through HDMI reciver Analog Devices ADV7611?
May be you can to recomend some forums or literture? Any ideas.


Anything is possible if you wish it enough times...

Go look at the ADV7611 datasheet, then actually read the ADV7611.

Then go look/read the am335x's datasheet, then tell us which "bus" can
capture the data from the "ADV7611"...


There is a driver for this device :

so you should be able to add it in the device tree :


Hi, Micka.
Great Thanks
You are my miraclemaker.
And 1 more question…
Please, help with phisicaly connection. If i right understand, i must to connect the adv7611 to GPMC bus of BeagleBone? Or to PRU?

Many thanks and have a good day


I don’t have experience on video driver, but with a little bit of research on google, I found that :

This driver is doing all the difficult part for you :

You just need to configure it properly.

And with those link :

It should be easy to add the correct lines in the xorg.conf to use it.

But as I said, I don’t know anything on the video driver, so I can’t help you further.


Many thanks, Micka.
Your help was very important and usefull

Hope, that I’ll can to help you in future

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Hi, Robert.
I checked both datasheets and want to try capture 16-bit YCbCr video data from ADV7611 through GPMC bus of AM3358 (i hope that i choose the right way)
Please, help with physically connections from ADV video data to AM gpmc_ad pins.

Many thanks