Connect TTL-232R-3V3 cable to beagleplay

Hi All,

I have a TTL-232R-3V3 cable, but I’m not sure how to connect this to a beagleplay. It doesn’t look like the the G/RX/TX pins on the board match up to the G/RX/TX pins on the cable, so I assume some kind of intermediate cable is required. Do I need an intermediate cable? If yes, what sort of intermediate cable do I need? I can’t seem to find the details on this anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated.


You will need to grab some jumper breadboard wires. And connect GND, TX, and RX. Ignore all the other pins

Thank you.

I’ve hooked up the serial cable using some breadboard wires, but I don’t see anything on the serial port when I boot. I’ve checked that the serial cable is okay using a loopback wire, so I don’t think the cable is an issue.

I’m just using the OS image that the beagleplay came with, so should I see something on the serial port during boot? If not is there a way I can test my serial port setup to make sure it actually works? I’d like to have confidence that my serial port setup is working properly before I start trying to boot from an SD card or reflash the emmc with a newer image.

Thanks again for your help.

Have you tried swapping the Tx and Rx pins?

Thank you!

This resolved my issue and I can see the serial output during boot now. I’ve attached an image showing how I connected the cable to the beagle play in the hope that it might help someone else to get this working.

Thanks again.