Connecting Beagle board to XDS510 Parallel Port emulator

Hi all,

Iam facing the problem while connecting target to XDS510 Parallel port plus emulator, as I set the target configuration file to use OMAP3530 and beagle board as target.

As I previously tried for TI TMS3205416 board with this emulator it is working fine.

Can any one explain to how to use in a right way adn suggest me.

Thanks in advance,

What is the problem you have??

It is showing that
Error connecting the target:
Error 0x80002240/-140
Fatal error during initialization, OCS, control,
Error generated by SD scan controller mode.

as i tried with the sdconfig.exe to test and reset the emulator. It is
giving that emulator test failed. can't read/write registers.

please suggest me with the steps that all needed for the connection of


What volatge are the XDS510 signals?


the voltage signals are 1.8 volts.