Connecting iPhone to 5Ghz BeaglePlay hostapd

Has anyone got iPhone to connect to BeaglePlay 5GHz network? I have used a Linksys WUSB6300V2 successfully but iPhones spin.

It looks like my basic setup does get all that is in Debian / Ubuntu Linux: Setup Wireless Access Point (WAP) with Hostapd - nixCraft ( It would appear to need a bridge to be properly set up.

There were two design scenarios I was seeking. One was AP from hostapd with only connections to other devices signed in to its AP, and the other was seeing if I could make it an AP that was on local network connected by eth0, getting dhcp addresses from router and it as default gateway.

After looking at, I wonder if a bridge is needed at all it could be configured to work with gateway and dhcp router, get what it needs from a wlan0 connection?

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I think the confiuration might be called a wireless AP extender.