Connecting PCM audio device to BBB

I have a WT32 bluetooth module (two of them in fact) that I want to connect to the BBB to record audio coming from them.

I have two choices, how I see it - add USB audio to the BBB, and connect the analog outputs of the WT32 devices to the USB soundcards… simple, but expensive.

The WT32 also outputs its audio in PCM format, over 3 pins (PCM_OUT, PCM_CLK, PCM_SYNC).

Is there some way I can get audio into the BBB by connecting directly to this digital data?

Someone mentioned using the McASP functionality of the BBB (of which there are several), but would I need some components in-between? I have no experience with McASP - but I can see some disimilarities between the pin requirements of the two…



You can look at the I2S interface. That is where sound codecs are connected, for both recording and playing. I don’t know what drivers will be needed though…