Connecting Quectel UG95 Mikro Click Board

So, I have been battling this a bit today. But am struggling to get any meaningful success. Looking for anyone who has had any success connecting a Mikroe Click network module to the BBB. The module is recognized by wvdial conf and I can communicate to the board via picocom. But cannot get an interface or network connectivity.

I believe I need to go down the path of creating an Overlay for this module, but have no experience with this so would like to confirm that is indeed what I need to do, before I dive down that rabbit hole.

Module in question:

Very limited amount of documentation is available unfortunately.

I am open to other modules as well if there is a better option (there seems to be a few available)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice. I’m not necessarily looking for anyone to magically solve my problem- just point me in the right direction to save me abit of time.

Hi, i have had success with others modem, not the one you have, using modemmanager (mmcli) and networkmanager (nmcli) for cdc_acm devices. But after some time i prefer using cdc_ecm( without mmcli and nmcli) if the modem is capable, work better for me on the modem i’m using (ublox lisa u200).

That’s my two cents, good luck!.