Connecting to BeagleBone Black wifi adapter?

I’m new to using the BeagleBone Black and using linux programs in general so I have installed Debian on the BeagleBone Black and setup a wifi adapter so that the BBB is connected to the internet. When running the upif wlan0 command, I found that it was bound to an ip address of XX.XX.XX.XX. I guess this is the public ip address? My question is how do I ssh into the BBB from my computer wirelessly or connect from a browser with this ip address? In the /etc/network/interfaces, I have

iface usb0 inet static





for static ip settings. Let me know if you need any more information.


Ok, the command should be “ifup”, but you probably want to run ifconfig wlan0 to find out that interfaces address information. For wireless configuration though, your image is probably running connman, other another connection manager to bring the wlanX interface up.

I should probably add, that all information on the web regarding Linux / debian would apply for this situation. I understand because you’re “new” this might be a bit of a grey area for you. But any old how to or article on how to setup wifi on debian should just work for this case.