Connecting to the USB/Serial Port

Hi Everyone,
I started to do some low level work with BB X-15. I have the minicom set to 115200 8 none and 1, hardware flow control. When I boot up the X15 I get to see all of the boot up messages that are posted to the serial. I also get to see the login prompt. But unfortunately I never get the chance to login. Meaning typing doesnt have any effect on the screen. I can turn on local echo and see then letter appear. I believe these are the relevant messages in the order they were posted on my monitor"

Started Serial Getty on ttyS2
Started Getty on tty1
Started Serial Getty on ttyGS0

Once the last message appears the keyboard still has no effect

Debian GNU/Linux 9 BeagleBoard-X15 ttyS2 Debian Image 2017-07-02
default username:password is [debian:temppwd]
[ 626.401337] vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device

They keyboard has no effect but to be fair the keyboard can’t even suspend the boot up process which is the other piece I would like to get resolved as well.

My keyboard and monitor is connected to another computer that I have used for USB / Serial debugging on my BB XM Board which works great. I am sure I am missing something simple here.

As always best regards

Angel Sosa

Never Mind I fixed by changing hardware flow control to NO
That worked