Connecting VDD_CORE and VDD_MPU

on my own BBB derivative I am now finishing the power distribution system. I wonder if I can connect the VDD-MPU and VDD_CORE into one VDD, shorting together DCDC2 and DCDC3 from TPS65217C? Or should I rather use DCDC2 for both the core and the MPU, and leave DCDC3 unconnected?

I presume that shorting the two outputs from TPS65217C would put less stress on each DCDCx in the PMIC chip, but there is risk of contention. Using only one DCDC2 and leaving DCDC3 unconnected will put more stress on the FET inside the PMIC, but the contention will never happen. So which solution is better?

Your suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thank you! – Wojtek

Why are you wanting to do that? The answer is yes, but you won’t be able to run the processor over 800MHz.