Connecting wifi dongle RTL8188CUS on Beaglebone Black with ubuntu 14.04

Hi everyone, i’m new on Beaglebone Black, but after a long search finally I installed a dongle wifi bringing together articles from different sites and tutorials.

blacklist rtl8192cu
blacklist rtl8192c_common
blacklist rtlwifi

  • nano /etc/network/interfaces

Now add your wireless network to interfaces file:

WiFi Example

auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid “mynetwork”
wpa-psk “mynetworkpassword”

  • sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

  • sudo reboot


Be happy and have fun, it works for me, i’m doesnt know much about this configuration but is the only that work fine for me.

Sry for my terrible english :slight_smile: