Connection to Display doesn't work properly


so I just got my beaglebone black today and when i connect it to a display the display shows a picture of a dog and the words “beaglebone black” for a few seconds. then the display doesn’t receive any more information from the beaglebone and goes to sleep mode.
i installed the newest angström distribution on the beaglebone but still i can’t get the gnome desktop to be displayed on my screen. the only thing that did change was that for a fraction of a second after the picture of a dog there was some white on black text wich i couldn’t read so fast, before the display went to sleep. the following times i rebooted the board only the picture appeared again, not followed by the text.
can anyone tell me how to solve this?

Hit the keyboard to wake it up.

You might also try the latest Debian image that we are moving to. Item 10.1.


Thanks Gerald,

I tried another keyboard but the only key that seems to do something is the power off key.
When i hit it - after like a minute or so - the following text appears on the screen:

ngström Distribution Beaglebone
rom v2012.12 - Kernel 3.8.13
ebone login:

this - like the beaglebone logo when i boot - appears on the top left part of the screen with, as you can see, the leftmost part missing. it appears for a second or so and then the beaglebone powers down.
first i thought ok maybe the image is just not centered on the screen and in fact there would be something displayed after the beaglebone logo as well, but my display has a light wich is blinking when it gets no input so i know there is nothing to display. also i tried another display without any difference…

So when it powers down, is the power LED off?