console-image freezes at configuring ppp


Finally I managed to build console image following strictly
instructions from here leboardAndOpenEmbeddedGit
It is going through booting almost all the way, but freezes on
'configuring ppp'
Can I assume that it is a problem on my side or is there a problem
with a stable image?
How to fix it?


OK, don't worry. I managed to solve the problem.
If anyone have/will have a similar issue please check your bootargs.


What bootargs do you use? I’ve tried all combination from howto sites and still nothing. I suppose I missed something.

2009/5/10 janek <>

That's a problem in .dev branch that I fixed with commit
Just pull the changes from git, and this should fix your issue.

As you wrote. Thanks.

2009/5/26 Ihar Hrachyshka <>

What's the bootargs fix? Still having the same issues even after doing
a git pull..

hah! pulled the latest git changes and it worked