Contributing to Beagleboard (and GSoC 2015)


I am Apaar Gupta a 19 yr old 2nd semester CompSc engineering student. I have been interested and working with microcontollers and IOT related projects for the last 3-4 years.
I have good experience with arduino (done some fun stuff like interfacing a TV remote with the arduino and using it to control control a laptop(Processing/C++) and a aluminium foil based touch screen). Also have some exposure on Intel Galileo for an IOT related project. I also acquired a Beaglebone black two months ago.

I would love to contribute to BeagleBone community and participate in GSOC. I went through last year’s ideas page(2014) and some of the completed projects. Found Device tree generator and PRU related areas interesting, Explored PRU further and have managed to get it running on my beaglebone and also tried to look into and understand the code of previous year’s projects.

I have a few years experience with C/C++ and learning Java( finding it similar to C++). Have some linux internals basics(Writing System calls and have been investigating drivers) on the Intel Galileo/Minix 3.2.

I want to know how to start contributing to the beagle community, and how to go about participating in the GSoC for Beaglebone. I think I can contribute in some of the PRU related projects or similar areas

Appreciate your suggestions and help :slight_smile:


Hello Apaar,

Welcome to the Beagleboard community :slight_smile:
We will be updating the PRU projects in the coming week, if there is something specific you would like to work on, do tell us.
Since you are interested to work with the PRU, I suggest understanding the current driver (pru_rproc.c), modifying, compiling and testing it. This will help you better understand the work around the PRU plus will gear you up for your project.


Thanks Deepak for the quick reply.I have started to investigate the code of the PRU driver and will hopefully have something to show for it soon.


I have been working with the PRU for a month or so and have managed gain some knowledge related to the PRU’s architecture, working and about its current drivers. These are some of the activities i have completed to learn abt the pru(both drivers and firmware level)

  1. Built and Installed PRUSpeak and BeagleLogic
  2. Completely understood PRUSpeak Driver, Firmware code from here
  3. Understood codeflow of BeaglelLogic and rproc driver from here
  4. Implemented PRUSpeak based Firmata interpreter in Python
  5. Implemented Driver and Firmware allowing for toggling of GPIO pins via a sysfs interface .Some outstanding issues that need to be solved. Should be done in a few days (have college exams currently)
    I have also spent some time researching about the PRU-Bridge project and interacted with the community on the IRC.
    As a result of the work i have done over the last month i have submitted a proposal for the same on the melange website.Would love feedback and comments from mentors and community members :slight_smile: