Controlling xM power (complete reset)

The goal is to quite simply reboot the Ubuntu system with an external
button. I have an xM revision 2 and wish to add an external reset
button. Is there a simple way to add a cold reset to the BeagleBoard?
In the docs I see that "There is no way for the user to generate a
warm reset on the BeagleBoard", but I'm adding an external reset
button so this does not seem to apply to me. It seems like a cold
reset may not be entirely adequate, and if not maybe a trace or pin
would have to be soldered onto for the appropriate signal.

Could you use one of the GPIO pins on the expansion header as a interrupt and have the SW do your partial reset? Or, there is a RESET line on the expansion header that could be used to generate a cold reset of the board.


If you're running ubuntu couldn't you just use system("reboot");?


Sorry for the late response...I didn't realize my question had already
been accepted by the moderators. To my understanding I could use a
standard on/off button with 2 GPIO pins and then go with Alex's
recommendation and reboot using a system command. Would I need a pull-
up resistor or can I interface directly with the expansion header?

There are pullups integrated into the processor. However, they would need to be turned on in the software and set to a input. Understand that these pins are 1.8V. If you connect anything higher than that to these pins, it will blow up the processor.