Converting Schematic of BBB into a ACCEL ASCII

Is there anyone one there, who could convert the Orcad schematics for the BBB into ACCEL ASCII format so it can be read by other EAD packages.
I believe this is a standard function in orcad, but i don’t’ know really.

Schematic A5A (OrCAD

Thanks in advance if you can help.

What package are you looking for?


The schematics for the BBB are in Orcads format, From what i read on the inter web, Orcad can export them as a ACCEL ASCII file is is essentially a set of netlists etc, which other EAD’s can import.

My other option is to just start from stractch.

I’m not sure if the layout files can be converted either. but if they could that would be great.

I understand all that. What I am asking is what format are you wanting to convert it into by using the ASCII format?


Ahh. Eagle 6.4.0

However i’m contemplating moving from Eagle to another package. Started using Eagle when this thing was just a hobby, and the $$$ suited then… However now its not a hobby, Eagles certainly a “low” end package.

Eagle can be used as a schematic on this. But It can’t handle this technology from a PCB standpoint. It just dos not have the capability. The vias, trace width, trace spacing are too tight.


It might be painful, but its will do 4/4 tracks, multi-layer blind vias. Looking at the gerbers for the BBB, i can’t see where it could’nt work. Theres some systems that are signigncatly more complex and tight than the BBB that have been designed with Eagle.

Where eagle falls over is that its got a dog of a UI! and its not that smart.

Anyway, woudl you be able to export the schematics?

I will see what I can do. No promises.


Are you looking for the netlist in the ACCELL format?