Copying to sd card.

I am new to ubuntu linux. I am trying to install Angstrom on beagleboard xm. I have formatted the card with 2 partitions. I am copying the files but am refused permission.

I type cp boot/MLO-* /media/boot/MLO

I get error message

cp boot/MLO-* /media/boot/MLO
cp: cannot create regular file `/media/boot/MLO’: Permission denied

I have tried chmod 777


Try using sudo before the cp command.

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Many things can be at hand here:
First make sure the device is mounted e.g. type "mount" and see that
the device is really mounted where you think it is.
look at the onwership of the directory e.g. /media/boot/ as this is a
FAT file system it depends how the thing is mounted who may access it.
and as Jyothi suggest sudo usually will make the pain go away.