Would it be possible to change the clock frequency to something other than the fixed clock frequencies provided by the CPUFreq driver?

Is anyone seeing my messages or can I not post on this group?


Your message is getting through to the group. As far as I know these are your options to select the frequency as currently supported. You cannot just pick a value and set the clock to that frequency as you still have to stay in sync with the other buses inside the system, such as the memory interface. There is more to setting the frequency than just on clock value. It should be possible to set other CPU frequency values as long as you set the other system clock values to a settings that will allow them to work. At this point, you are limited to those settings as supported by the kernel. I will leave it to the kernel folks to comment on exactly what those settings are.


To change the clock frequecy insert a line in boot.cmd as

setenv mpurate

ex: setenv mpurate 800

But remember overclocking may reduce the life of the BB.

Then run this command on the directory where boot.cmd is present

mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n “Ubuntu” -d ./boot.cmd ./boot.scr

Now ur board wil run at the specified frequency.

Oh good to know. Thanks.