i have some troubles with Craneboard. I've set bootdelay to 0 ( to
check booting time ), and now I'm unable to restore previous value.
I've tried flashing params-nand ( /dev/mtd2 and /dev/mtdblock2 ) with
flash_erase and flash_eraseall but this doesn't work ( followed by
nandwrite /dev/mtd2 /dev/zero )

Does anybody have an idea why this doesn't work?


I had the same problem with hawkboard. I solved it in a crude way.
Refer this post:


Hope it helps.


You can use a boot.scr file to control the settings of environment
variables. This is how it is done on systems where there is no usage of NAND
flash. Let me know if you need more details.

with regards,
- Nagendra.