Create a new subforum for 64bit CPU architecture

For better organization i think it would make more sense to start creating subforums for devices that differ strong from other previous products. Putting everything into ‘General Discussion’ is not that great for organization. There are already subforums for BeagleV and the BeagleBoard-x15. Maybe create now a new subforum for the - ai-64 . If compared to the - black the only thing they have in common is the connection interface. The CPU have even a new 64bit architecture. Completely new CPU base (Cortex A72). A completely different GPU that could maybe run in future with MESA and so on.
When you create now the subforum for this device there wont be so much mixed information later.

PS: Yes, i am aware of the ability to create tags like for example . But the people are not active using those and they are not that common for the most people.

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I agree… @jkridner what do you want to call it?

hmmm… my preference is a tag of “AI-64” and not to lose critical mass in a particular sub-forum. I guess I can give in. I think email configs have to be done on each sub-forum.