Create root image from existing BeagleV Ahead?

Is there an equivalent to the ‘beagle-flasher’ script that can create a root image that can be flashed to one or more BeagleV Ahead devices?

For arm-based beagles, we would make a custom flasher by flashing a beagle with an image from Index of /rootfs, add/update/delete packages, customize package configurations, install custom overlays for our CAPEs, and then use the ‘beagle-flasher’ to create a flasher. Our production line would then be to unbox a new beagle (black/green/etc), flash the device using the flasher we created, install CAPE, and a number of other steps in order to validate the device is ready to be sent to a customer.

Looking for a way to replicate initial package setup and configuration of BeagleV Ahead devices in order to facilitate creating production ready devices.


Hi @jamidon the first thing i’d do.

Start with fastboot/adb to see if we can dump the partition’s.

Next try u-boot ums mode, to mount the eMMC as a drive, this will allow you to dump the partitions individually… (it won’t get you boot0)