creating a SD card image from flasher image won't work

Hello together,
after successfull flashing the newest Debian Bullseye on eMMC it cames up that the eMMC hasn’t enough memory for working with the BBB as desktop system. I used the last snapshot XFCE for BBB, but there is no image for installing it directly on SD. So I thought, this shouldn’t be a big thing to bring it up on SD. I’ve edited the uEnv.txt not to flash the system to eMMC, but got a non-working system without output on screen (HDMI), only a blinking black image. Editing the uEnv.txt seems also not to stop the flashing in any case, also without use of the boot button. How is the right way to bring a working image on SD? Is it a solution to copy the image from eMMC via dd?


Please share the file name of the images you tested, otherwise we can’t help you debug.

The image was AM335x 11.7 2023-09-02 4GB eMMC Xfce Flasher. Should be the latest I’ve found.


You can find the non flasher, in the same build directory.

Here is the latest build that’ll run from microSD

Thank You, Robert. It works fine. :upside_down_face: