creating a webserver in Beaglebone using php

Dear all,

I am new to the Beagleone and also to webservers.
I have not created a web server before and I would like to have some advice before I proceed with my learning curve to create one.

I want to create a web server on a Beagleone so that a user can log in, and control its i/o pins using the web server. i.e the user logs in to the webpage in the web server and he gets to change the i/o in the Beagleone . (more like home automation)

Can I do this only with the knowledge of php? Can I write onto internal registers of the Beagleone ( memory mapped i/o) using php coding?

Or is there another language/part of the code from of another language that will belong to the same project that will help me do this?

I want to do this with minimal learning. but correctly.

Question 2:

Can I do the same using ASP.NET? which one should I use.

I have a strong knowledge on C and microcontrolers.
but not on C# or PHP .

please help. i would appreciate it a lot.

Amalinda, I’ve written a short blog about how to control the user LEDs from a web page. That may help you to get started. See here.
All the best.