Cross Compilation Issues

Hi ,

I have some problem with the cross compiling my c code for panda board.In the cross compiling ,CodeSourcery cross compiler is used with ubuntu 11.10 on host system.
On the targe board, ubuntu 11.10 is used with the 3.2 kernel.
Path of the cross complier is set successfully.
The command in host computer for cross compiling is given below.

arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc -o myapp.out myapp.c -march=armv5

With the help of above command i am able to generate the myapp.o file on the host computer.
But when i tries to copy and execute this on target board i am facing the below error.

-bash: ./myapp.out: No such file or directory

can you help me to resolve issue ??

for a quick solution, do a native compilation. Means, compile in the board itself using cc/gcc.
I was also getting the same kind of error. But, I want to move with my work. So, i did, what I told to you.

Meanwhile, I am still looking for a solution.

Run this command on the target board, and examine the output:

ldd ./myapp.out

I suspect it will indicate that* or ld-linux*.so* is not found. That means that the toolchain (compiler/linker/library) that you used to build your program does not match the loader (ld-*) and/or libraries installed on your target system.

If you’re building on Ubuntu, you may as well just install the Ubuntu toolchain, unless you have a really good reason to do otherwise:

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi

etc. - you’ll need a few others - start up synaptic (or equivalent) and search for gnueabi, and you’ll probably get the picture.


    I foubd the solution for this by this link