Cross compiler from intel to arm's BBB


I have run into small issue that I need your help to resolve.
I’m using OpenSuse 12.3 linux distribution and I tried to install the cross compiler from intel to ARM.
I downloaded the .rpm package from the OpenSuse page . Already on the opensuse’s environment while trying to install the package I got the error: A package dependencies could not be found , nothing provides the cross-arm-linux-gnueabi-binutils needed bu the creoss-arm-linux-gcc-4.7.0-23.1.i586

Afterwards I wen online and tried to search for the cross-arm-linux-gnuabi-binutils, I found one, installation on Opensuse was successful. Tried again the cross-compiler but got the same error as previously.

Does anybody who uses the opensuse or knows hot to resolve it can help me. (BTW Linux based computer cannot be connected to the internet, so solutions based on terminal code wouldn’t be so helpful, but i can download the packages and transfer them to the linux box. )

I use QT creator on opensuse to produce my codes, and wish them to be recognized and compiled on BBB.

Previously I have tried Debian based linux distributions like unbuntu, but i had a problem with gcc and g++ compilers. so I need to stick with the openSuse.


I also had trouble to find a working toolchain on Suse 12.3. Finaly I followed the following instructions to get it work with the Angstom distribution on a BeagleBone Black target.