cross compiler isn't working, how come???

Hey Guys,
i have installed on my BB-xM (Rev B) the angstrom OS.
For the last days I have been trying to setup a cross compiler on ,my
host computer. on my host machine there is fresh install of ubutnu
10.04 (32 bit) .

I followed all the instructions according to Trey Weaver's blog:

installed the qt IDE, and afterwards tool-chain I have been installed
the latest versions on their site. edited the qmake.conf and updated
it's contents. after that i configured:

./configure -opensource -confirm-license -prefix /opt/qt-arm -no-
qt3support -embedded arm -little-endian -xplatform qws/linux-DM3730-g+
+ -qtlibinfix E

the next phase was make ( which took a while) and after that, make
install. and there was no error :slight_smile:

now I have entered to the QT creator IDE and specified the location of
the qmake file for the beagleboard arm: /opt/qt-arm/bin/qmake

I checked the "hello world" program, with arm setting and got in the
application output:

Starting /home/gil/hello/hello...
/home/gil/hello/hello exited with code 255

How come I don't get any output?!?!?! :-/

I switched back to the Desktop Qt 4.7.3 for GCC (Qt SDK) setting,and I
got the correct output of "Hello World"!!

How come I don't get any output from the program when using the cross
compiler??? any suggestion?

thanks for the help guys I sincerely appreciate the efforts