cross compiling a kernel module for angstrom beagleboard

Hi all

please ignore previous mail …

Referring the link for BeagleBoard xm

we have installed a “Basic image” of angstrom on it taken from this link

“Final image” of angstrom has been taken following the below link

Thanks to koen kooyi suggested the link …

The little i could understand from this link is …i will have to use bitbake and …to cross compile a module for Angstrom Beagleboard.
But I need to recompile a kernel module after a change in source made by me …
for that

1)I need to get module source code of module for angstrom image …as i saw its linux kernel 2.6.32 …
so should i pick module source from normal linux source available o ninternet …?

2)i need to cross compile this changed module from my ubuntu host for angstrom beagleboard …

pl help …


Just follow the instructions at and that will get you the sources you need. If you don't want to follow my advice, stop asking questions on these mailinglists.

Sorry kooyi …perhaps i am not able to understand it …
i have some confusion

as steps suggested by this link are

git clone git://

MACHINE=beagleboard ./ update
MACHINE=beagleboard ./ bitbake virtual/kernel

#Build some more # you can specify machine on the cmdline:
MACHINE=your_machine ./ bitbake base-image
MACHINE=your_machine ./ bitbake console-image


and yes, it takes long to build a full image, so just build
the kernel...

Sorry kooyi ..perhaps i am not able to understand it ..

There's no 'y' in my last name.

i have some confusion


But I have already used below link ...which seem to suggest similar steps ...PLease correct me if i am wrong

Any wiki that provides "similar" steps is wrong and unsupported untill angstrom developers say otherwise. The instructions at are maintained, checked regularly and kept up to date.

The above c6run wiki starts by pointing to the outdated git repo for the setupscripts, which doesn't bode well for the rest of the instructions.




i am compiling a simple hello world program on beagleboard C3 and I am getting this error:

arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-gcc hello.c

eabi/bin/ld: cannot find -lgcc_s
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I have tried to fix it by running this command ln -s /lib/ /usr/lib/
as there was a symbolic link missing.

unfortunately I still have the same problem.
can anyone possibly provide me with a solution to fix this matter

many thanks

I manage to cross-compile using instructions in


Hi Koen,

I don’t know if I am a bit lost here, but I’m trying to use Angstrom on a BeagleBoard RevC5 without a SD card, so far I have been able to download a built image from the narcissus online tool, and managed to flash it on BB NAND, next thing is that I’m trying to connect a resistive touchscreen to the BB. When I connect the usb touchscreen output to the BB I can see that the device is enumerated and that the event driver is recognizing it as a USBHID device (a normal mouse for example) but when I try to use the screen as an input the cursor is always at the left top corner of the screen and I can’t calibrate the device since the cursor is always is the same coordinate. There is a propietary driver from the screen manufacturer, but the instructions state that I have to make sure some modules are loaded in the kernel I’m working with. Here is when I get lost, so far I haven’t been able to do some configuration to the angstrom kernel or see the modules loaded (lsmod gives me a empty list) to make sure the driver is going to work once I install it. On ubuntu I can “make menuconfig” to load the modules I need, etc, also lsmod list the modules currently loaded in the ubuntu kernel, but in the angstrom kernel I haven’t been able to do the configuration steps. Now I’m trying to build the kernel from the instrutions in this link but I don’t see the part when I can configure the modules or drivers I want to build for my kernel, any help or direction would be very appreciated, thatks in advance and best regards,