cross compiling demonstration [GSOC2014]

Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of cross-compiling before being accepted, but support for demonstration is available through the IRC channel that typically has approximately 150 online chatters logged on at any time, most with sufficient experience to explain the process.

I read that on the wiki before writing the proposal , when I logged into the IRC channel I got no answer and I don’t know where to demonstrate ?

Pull request on GitHub

My cross compiling demo : PR on Github


My cross-compile demo is at


and here’s mine :slight_smile:

Done, one step closer

Here is mine :

My pull request:

The statically linked executable is attached with this post

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Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

helloworld.bin (454 KB)


This is my cross-compile demo:

helloworld.bin (590 KB)