Cross-compiling Qt application


I'm currently setting up Qt for Embedded Linux on my Ubuntu machine.
I'm pulling down the trunk for Gitorious and am doing:

./configure -embedded arm -qvfb -static

Is that enough or do I need to add an -xplatform option? I see that
some guides suggest adding the -xplatform /qws/linux-omap3-g++ but
that folder is non-existent on my Ubuntu machine, or am I
misunderstanding something?

I am statically linking my application so that I won't have to install
Qt on the board itself - on that note, what is the difference between
simply running a Qt application on Ubuntu vs a Qt Embedded
application? Even for Qt Embedded, there still needs to be an
underlying Linux operating system, correct?


Check this

Once you are done you need to instruct your IDE (QT Creator??) to use the ‘embedded’ version of the library and the Beagle toolchain to get an executable code for the Beagle.


Hi Fabio,

Thanks for the link. In that link, I see:

Note: For BeagleBoard, please use the same toolchain as the one used
to compile your kernel & filesystem

What is the correct Angstrom toolchain for BeagleBoard?


Since I rely on Openembdded for the rootfs, I use the toolchain that comes for free during the bitbake process and never had issues with it.
Otherwise you can download CodeSourcery ARM EABI toolchain, it is widely used too.


Or you can take the one 100% right for the Angstrom distribution!

2010/8/15 fabio ferrario <>

Hi David,
you can follow what I've done to get it working: .
this worked for me except for opengl support (so remove -opengl from
the ./configure line) and if you want you can help me in it... :slight_smile: