curious about some omap_beagle_defconfig kernel parms

having built my share of kernels over the years, i'm going to poke
around the default beagle config file to see if there's anything i
find curious, and here's my first question -- can we do without
"Create deprecated sysfs layout for older userspace tools"?

  as in, IIRC, unless i have some specific userspace tools that count
on finding sysfs files in their old locations, i can deselect that and
it certainly(?) shouldn't affect proper kernel operation, correct?

  i'm a big believer in minimization so, if i technically don't *need*
something in my kernel, i prefer to deselect it.


p.s. is there, perhaps, a wiki page somewhere that documents some of
the more interesting kernel config choices that can be made?

removing the sysfs should definitely not prevent the kernel from
There are some pages on optimizing the config file on