current measurement in beagleBoard-Xm

Hello guys,
I have to measure the current consumed by the board. On searching I found that there is one R6 resistor on which we can measure voltage drop and V=RI we can get current, since R=0.1. But all of this information I found was related to old beagleBoard, not beagleboard-xm, so I am not sure whether the same will be applicable here.

Also I am not able to locate R6 resistor in the board. Can some one help me here.

It is the same for both Beagleboard and BeagleBoard-xM. There is a description in the SRM that tells how to do it from SW if you are interested or you can just measure the voltage drop.

The resistor is R13 and it it bracketed by a jumper, J2. as indicated on the schematic. J2 is next to D5 which is a green LED that indicates that the board is powered up. Refer to Section 13 of the SRM.


thanks a lot for quick guidance.

after this I followed this document : EVM

so we can measure the voltage drop across j2 dumper, since resistor used is 0.1 ohm, so the current flowing through it is 10times of voltage reading.

In case anyone is interested to know the readings :

on startup max = 40mV
idle = 23mV
avg cpu bench = 35mV
intensive cpu bench = 37mV
using bt user mode = 40mV
running disk bench = 33mV

current is 10times of above value.