Current version of R Nelson's 3.8 kernel

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Does anyone know the most recent version number of Robert Nelson’s 3.8 kernel for the BeaglBone Black?

After updating I have 3.8.13-bone22.3, but I thought there was something more recent.

Thanks - Will

The git tree is at bone28..

You need to recheckout master, delete your old branch and re-pull


Thanks - is there someway to avoid re-downloading the whole tree? I’m on a very slow connection and would like to keep as much of the sources as possible.


git branch

Look at branch name with *

git checkout master -f
git branch -D (that name 2 lines up)
git pull
git checkout origin/am33x-v3.8 -b tmp


There is a much easier way. Do this:

Go to this URL, and select the kernel you want. 3.8.13-bone28 is the newest 3.8 but there is also some 3.12 builds for the bone but I’m using the stable 3.8 builds.

Click on the 3.8.13-bone28 link and download the script.

Run this right on the BBB and it will download and install the newest kernel as well as generate the necessary kernel files. To boot into the newest kernel just change the symlink on zImage to the newest kernel so uboot can find it.


Does the newest iteration have USB support as I couldn’t get any peripherals working on a previous pull of 3.12?

  • Nick

Well, it worked last week as of:

However, on the next commit, when i pushed out the rc5 build, i kinda
left the office for the week. Hopefully be able to test it tomorrow
when i'm back..


Thanks for the help - I fought git for a couple of hours and then gave up and wiped the directory and used your scripts to fetch a new version; the first time I got 3.12, somehow, but the second shot got me 3.8.13-28. Trivially easy, as long as you don’t have to deal with git, which takes the palm for the worst UI of the 21st century. (I don;t know why - the other DVCSs are pretty much straightforward to use.)

Thanks again - Will

Although, once you get use to git, every other dvcs really sucks. .:wink: