Custom Angstrom Build

Hey everyone i am trying to configure a custom Angstrom build to
include cpufreq and cpuidle. Currently i have tried taking the
sections from the defconfig of the am335x_evm in regards to the
cpufreq and cpuidle and include them in the defconfig for the
beaglebone but that does not seem to work as neither of the modules is
included in the rootfs after i load it and boot. My question is where
do i set these build configuration items to include modules that are
available for the evm but not included in the defconfig of the
beaglebone? Currently i have modified /setup-scripts/sources/meta-ti/

The good news: both are currently already enabled in the angstrom build
The bad news: in the 3.2 kernel they are &$*#$( broken and don't work

I did get cpufreq working but cpuidle seems to be missing the
sleep_while_idle entry in the pm_debug folder so you cant set the
device to idle any ideas on how to fix this?