Custom bitbake/Angstrom recipe to change kernel config, update target fs and cross compile golang

I’m using the standard instructions for building the BBB Angstrom image, in particular I’m building for Angstrom 13.12/yocto1.5. For the standard system images, this works quite nicely.

Can anyone give me any pointers on how to create a custom bitbake recipe that can modify the kernel config and after the image is built, make some simple rootfs image modifications such as copying in some files, editing ./etc/hostname etc.

I know I can bootstrap off the existing recipes, for example if I create ‘’ as follows:

Somehow edit kernel .config file …


ROOTFSTYPE_beaglebone = “ext4”



Now edit the filesystem???

export IMAGE_BASENAME = “Mytest”

Does this involve creating “layers” to overlay stuff?

Finally, if I wanted to add something that’s not available via okpg, such as golang, how would I go about incorporating this?

Many thanks!