Custom Board - Editing U-Boot to load the correct values

Hey guys,
I have a Fastbot board (Beagleboneblack fork) that has some custom EEPROM data,
so it’s not possible to get any stock images running on that board.

When I load a stock image with the boot from SD card button nothing happens in the serial terminal.

The developers of that board are out of business so there won’t be any updates available.

The U-Boot source changed over the years so I’m not able to easy change it like the developers did
I only could fix the memory and EEPROM adress by their method for the newest U-Boot.
(You have to take a look at this commits on github)

So now I’m stucking at the last point:

3.force change board information for Beagleboneblack.

With the new U-Boot I've no idea how to do this.
I guess that the board/ti/am335x/board.c loads the EEPROM values with the board/ti/common/board_detect.c
but which lines will be the right to edit? 

Maybe you have some better ideas to get U-Boot working.