Customized Beaglebone AI dts is not enabling Wifi Card

Hi guys,

I create a customized dts file based on the roboticscape.dts for beaglebone AI.
My dts file is working as expected - all pins are exported and the devices is workinf (SPI, I2C, UARTs, CAN), but the Wifi is not enabled.
I tried to copy all devices present in the roboticscape but I couldn’t put wifi working, so any help will be welcome.

I put the dts on the github.

Hi Guys,

after a long research I found the solution.
I was using the RoberCNelson dtb-rebuilder as model to my dts. After several tries, I compare the kernel’s am5729-beagleboneai.dts with the dts from robert repository, and there was differences, after using the kernel’s file instead Robert, I have wifi :slight_smile: - on the kernel’s file I had to comment an OCP part, but for now I didn’t discovery any issue.