Customizing USB gadget name for BeagleBone

Hello everyone,
I am using “Beaglebone black” with Debian Bullseye IoT Image 2023-08-05 and kernel 5.10.168-ti-r68. I wish to remove “BEAGLEBONE” name in pop up when it is connected to PC via USB. Wish to add a custom name for the device. How to do that?

sounds like you need to change the host name of your bealglebone black.

That get’s defined here: repos/bb-usb-gadgets/suite/bullseye/debian/bb-start-acm-ncm-rndis-old-gadget at master · rcn-ee/repos · GitHub

debian/bb-start-acm-ncm-rndis-old-gadget /usr/bin/

We could probally patch in a

if [ -f /etc/default/usb-oem ] ; then
	. /etc/default/usb-oem

So users can easily overide all these…



Got it. Thank you @RobertCNelson

@amf99 I belive host name is different. This is USB gadget product name.

One more question. Is it possible to edit or change beaglebone-getting-started-2022-01-12.img? How to generate / create this image?

are you planing on using a prebuilt image??
from here,

if so, you load this image on an sdcard, then there is a script to run to program emmc.
@RobertCNelson can provide more details on how to do this.
I tend to build custom images with Yocto and not use the emmc.

It’s just a symlink:

So easy to update…