Cycle USR LEDs with push button interrupt BeagleBone Black

Using a BeaglBone Black and Blackhawk BH-USB-100v2-ARM JTag simulator in CCS (code composer studio) to rework the attached assembly script so that I can cycle through USR0-3 and not just the two LED actions that light up now? How do I add 2 other ‘Pulses’ so that it will cycle through USR0-3? Also, how do I set the code so that when I hit the interrupt button turning off the led action and when I hit the button again it resumes where it left off? ie (if it is cycling through and I hit button when it is on USR3 to turn the action off and when I hit the button again, it resumes the led action on USR3 led?

ledinterruptbutton.s (8.5 KB)

Hmm, given that

  1. The changes you’re asking about would be trivial to the person who wrote this code, i.e. you’re not the original author;
  2. This is clearly a toy program, i.e. this is not about maintenance of an existing codebase; and
  3. There’s no reason to do all this in assembly except as an exercise.

It sounds to me like you’re asking us to do your homework for you.

If my assessment is wrong, feel free to clarify what you’re trying to accomplish (and why you’re doing this in assembly).