Dallas 1-Wire BeagleBone Black

If you are considering something beyond just a breadboard, like putting temperature monitors all over your house, you will have consider a host a consideration that are introduced when you have long lines and more than one sensor on the wire. A must read: http://www.1wire.org/Files/Articles/1-Wire-Design%20Guide%20v1.0.pdf

In theory 1-wire lets you have several sensors on a bus line, but after you read or skim the Wire Design Guide you’ll see there are several restrictions on possible network topologies. The complexity about 1-wire design for anything beyond 10 feet quickly makes it a very expensive deployment – probably have to have intermediary multiplexers, a single line for each sensor, and patch connectors at the multiplexer station.

It almost makes wireless nodes such as Zigbee back in the running simply based on expense. I wish I had studied carefully the network topology gotchas before even thinking about 1-wire of dreaming of a project that would monitors many stations to create a thermal mapping.