Dallas 1 Wire Help


I’ve been working on trying to get a Max31850 to talk to the BBB using W1-Gpio. The Max 31850 takes the same commands as the DS18B20

This is also on a BBB running a Mackinekit Image and using a Bebopr cape with it’s bridge board as well.

I created a device overlay as seen here:


Using the Bebopr bridge pin-out spreadsheet https://github.com/modmaker/BeBoPr-Bridge/blob/master/BBB-P8-P9-signals.pdf

And this spread sheet http://www.embedded-things.com/bbb/beaglebone-black-pin-mux-spreadsheet/

From the above information I chose P9.27 (looks free and availabe to me) to connect to the sensor and that should mean that the pin mux would = 0x1A4 0x37

Compiled it and copied to /lib/firmware

when I load it and run # cat /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.9/slots

I get the following. (Image attached) From the terminal.

From what I currently understand when I # dmesg | grep w1. If everything is working properly, should I not get a response stating w1-gpio connected to P9_27?

Or is this a Kernel difference. Anything I read about Dallas One wire on BBB or Rpi seems to indicate a kernel patch was required.

2015-01-25 03_09_42-Moba_X_1.0.0.png