Data sheet BBBW

I have to use air control sensor PMS5003 (plantower) with BBBW. I was able to find datasheet for sensor and C library. I require datasheet of BBBW to understand how can I make connection to the sensors but I could not find datasheet anywhere.
Can someone guide me from where can I find datasheet?

Google Beagle Bone TRM

Google shows me this result:
Which is datasheet of simple Beaglebone system.
I am looking for Beaglebone black wireless.

Dude go here. TRM is software/ hardware details. Find the name of the processor on your board example AM 34xx and details to program it are in TRM. If your looking for electrical specs to design the board find the data sheet. All this is on the TI web site.
If you can’t do this I’m wondering if you can interpret a data sheet

He wants the bbbw stuff

its better to be helpful


Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

its better to be helpful

Ill be watching for your helpfulness if he asks how to program his chip or wire it up

Thank you everyone for your replying and your support. I found the datasheet for this model.
@lazarman Thankyou for your concerns, I won’t bother you or anyone for the piece of code and wiring :slight_smile:

Your going to need the board schematic to see which uart is available and send 8 byte commands properly formatted its just txd RXD I’m sure someone can help you find the correct headeror what’s brought out its also documented in board documents or should be. Your right connecting 2 wires is easy you have an example library the rest is just interfacing to UART in linux. Please Don’t let me stop you from asking questions in this group that was not my intention if you need to.
Sounds like this other guy is an expert at helpfulness he can help.
Good Luck please share your code with us when it works

I do agree!