Deadline reminder!!! No late proposals accepted

Don’t risk not getting your student application proposal submitted to! The deadline is March 31 18:00 UTC, but a slow Internet connection, illness in the family, or any of hundreds of other excuses won’t be a reason to accept a late proposal submission. No late proposals will be accepted.

Submit now. Your submission as well as your interactions with mentors to this point will be the key deciding factors in getting accepted, though additional interactions during the slot request time is welcome and proposals can be amended. However, those amendments will be for the purpose of clarification and the mentor/organization review process may not consider those amendments.

Can you please review my proposal (Google Doc) for the one last time before I submit it on

I really dislike opening a bunch of Google Docs. It slows my computer which often has 20-30 browser tabs open as I try to push various projects forward in the day. Can you at least put a draft on eLinux as well since that is one of our pre-work requirements and we’ll be collaborating on the eLinux wiki throughout the program?

Hello Sir,
I have already put the draft on the eLinux page ( I just need to complete my timeline which i am working on. Please go through my page when you have time and let me know of any changes.
Thank you Sir

Please start a new thread!

Please make sure your proposal submission is “FINAL” not “DRAFT”!!!

Hello sir,
I did start a new thread.!topic/beagleboard-gsoc/5RSbmIwMrp8
Can you please check it out when you get the time. Looking forward to your thoughts on the project.
Thank you very much