Debian 11 supported kernel versions

Hello everyone,

I know Debian 11 images are running kernel v5.10.x-ti by default, would it be possible to replace it with v4.19.x-ti? I currently have some PRU interaction in the software, don’t want to break something by upgrading Linux kernel.
I can build the image myself, I just want to know if there’s any known incompatibility, things to consider, etc.

Hi @me21 this is no issue… Using…

Just run:

Disable auto kernel updates from 5.10.x-ti branch

sudo apt remove

Install and enable auto kernel updates from 4.19.x-ti branch

sudo apt install
sudo reboot

and you’ll be all set…

4.19.x-ti is the ‘oldest’ that gets active testing by me…


If you’re looking to enable PRU uio under the newer kernels, I’ve had great luck using this overlay:

I was able to continue using my older PRU code with this overlay, and I’ve found the newer kernels to be much more stable.

Thank you. I use rpmsg.