Debian 12 in BBBlack REV C

Many thanks to those who make this possible with their efforts !
I manage to load Debian 12 on BeagleBone Black REV C3, but I cannot do so with BeagleBone Black REV C … The image is “am335x-debian-12.2-minimal-armhf-2023-10-07-2gb.img.xz”
I would appreciate some help on this matter.

Hold the ‘usr’ button near the USB and toggle the reset button, wait a moment and let go of the ‘usr’ button… board should now boot up fine… all this would prove is the bootloader’s stored on eMMC is to old.

Thank you very much Robert ! … Finally I have managed to load Debian 12 !
Maybe I tried to access it wrongly, since the typical address for Debian 11.7 is and for Debian 12.2 it is
I also configured a static IP, but so far I have not been able to configure DHCP.