Debian 8.4. Kernel Files Missing

After flashing Debian 8.4 image to BeagleBone Black, I have update the kernel through script tool ‘/opt/scripts/tools/’ to “4.4.12-bone11” kernel version.

Then, I have built a new kernel from 4.7 branch with RobertCNelson tools ‘’. Now, I have all files (*.dtb, zImage) and modules, so I want to upgrade the kernel.

Before trying the tftp server via serial port, or brute-force changing the files directly, I have checked at ‘/boot/uboot’ path for the dtb and zImage files, but there is no file into this path (dtb files are at ‘/boot/dtbs’).

How can the kernel be upgraded to any version at Debian 8.4?
Isn’t it necessary to change uImage, zImage or dtb? Which is the best way to upgrade the kernel now?

  • I would like to prefer not having to use serial port this time, but I can use it if it is needed.

see this section:

you already have the rootfs, so you can skip that..



It’s done!